Headquarter Allendorf (Eder ) - Somplar

The site is the centrepiece of the ante Group. The head office is located here and it has also been the company's headquarters since 1980. With an area of around 100 hectares, it is one of the largest sites in the European timber industry. The annual timber cutting volume of our high-performance sawing lines is around 1.7 million cubic metres. We process all softwood assortments here and produce sawn timber, packaging timber, planed timber and DIY goods. In addition to the production of sawn timber, solid structural timber, glulam, cross-laminated timber and joinery, we also generate green electricity at the site in our biomass cogeneration plants. Bromskirchen-Somplar is also one of the largest German pellet production sites. We produce our certified biofuel using the patented HD+ process. More than 700 industrial and commercial employees work here at the headquarters of the ante Group. We process 100% of our valuable raw material in our sawmills and production facilities. This is how we exemplify sustainability.

By fully processing the logs on site, we save on transport routes and actively contribute to climate protection. By producing green electricity and biofuels, we work in a climate-neutral way at our site. Our Bromskirchen-Somplar site is located in Nordhesssen, on the edge of the Sauerland, in the middle of a densely wooded holiday and recreation region. That is why sustainability is more than just an economic imperative for us - it is a social responsibility. And for us, it is part of protecting the regions in which we and our employees are at home. After all, for us, who work with a renewable, natural raw material, our primary goal is to strengthen nature and the recreational and leisure value of a healthy forest and to preserve it for future generations.


Im Inkerfeld 1
35108 Allendorf (Eder) - Somplar

Telefon: +49 (0) 2984 308 0
E-Mail: info@ante-holz.de