The ante Group has four locations in Europe. The three locations Bromskirchen (Hessen), Winterberg (North-Rhine Westphalia) and Rottleberode (Saxony Anhalt) are in central Germany. ante also produces home and garden products in Kozuchów (Poland).

All locations are favourable from a raw material supply and sales perspective. The good infrastructure links of the operations ensure fast and simple delivery throughout Europe. In addition, our plants are strategically located close to all important commercial harbours, through which we ship our products around the world.

The ante Group head office has been located here since 1980. It is located at the border between North-Rhine Westphalia and Hesse, right in the middle of one of Germany's most heavily forested regions.

The ante Group was founded in Winterberg-Züschen in 1927 by Josef Ante. Today, Züschen is the wholesale distribution centre for home and garden products and the sale of ante HD pellets.

Around 200,000 cubic metres of structural timber for the domestic and foreign markets are produced in Rottleberode in two shifts. Equipped with the most modern technology in Europe, the location has everything it needs for high quality and high output.

The entire home and garden and carport programmes have been produced here, 70 km to the east of the Forst border crossing, since 1995.

Modern production lines and over 200 highly motivated employees ensure that the high product quality standards are always met.

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