Over the past 80 years, ante has grown from a small shop to an internationally operating full-line manufacturer.

A summary of our success story:

  • 1927
    Josef Ante, the grandfather of today's company owner Jürgen Ante, founded a company to produce sawn lumber, pitwood and broom handles in Winterberg-Züschen.
  • 1946
    The sons Erich and Alfred Ante join the company after the war. Erich Ante takes over as manager.
  • 1959
    Construction of a new sawmill hall and a dual gang saw.
  • 1964
    A planing system is put into operation.
  • 1969
    The entire manufacturing process is mechanised.
    Carpenters are hired in order to offer pre-jointed construction timber.
  • 1978
    Josef Ante GmbH is founded.
  • 1979
    ante-holz GmbH is founded. A small diameter lumber mill with a circular saw is built at the border of NRW, in Bromskirchen-Somplar, Hesse.
  • 1982
    Erich Ante's son Jürgen takes over as manager.
    Sawn lumber product is moved to Bromskirchen-Somplar.
  • 1983
    The circular saw system is replaced with a gang sawline with trimming circular saw.
  • 1984
    ante-holz begins producing outdoor wood.
    Installation of two boiler pressure impregnation systems.
  • 1986
    Construction of a second log sorting system.
  • 1988
    Commissioning of a new circular sawline for construction timber.
  • 1989
    An additional planing system with two machines is put into operation.
  • 1990
    Construction of a band saw system for log cut-offs.
    The new office building in Bromskirchen-Somplar opens.
  • 1991
    The engineered framing centre in Winterberg-Züschen is modernised and two automatic framing systems are put into operation.
  • 1992
    Major expansion of the premises in Somplar is completed.
    A profile cutting and stacking system is put into operation.
  • 1994
    ante-Leimholz GmbH & Co. KG is founded and production of the products KVH® (solid structural timber) and BSH (glued laminated timber) starts.
  • 1995
    Spin-off and founding of ante Haus und Garten GmbH & Co. KG and ante-holz polska in Kozuchów: Production of labour-intensive outdoor wood products.
  • 2000
    Major fire in the gluelam plant and immediate start of rebuilding.
  • 2001
    Initial exports of construction timber to the USA.
    Commissioning of the pellet production line.
  • 2002
    Commissioning of the large diameter lumber mill.
    The industry magazine "Holzkurier" selects ante-holz as the lumber mill of the year in Europe.
  • 2004
    Construction of a new high-performance planing plant.
    Formation of an advisory board.
  • 2005
    Commissioning of the planing plant.
    Retrofitting work on the lumber mill to increase the sawing capacity.
  • 2007
    Construction of the lumber mill with further processing in Rottleberode (Saxony-Anhalt).
    Start of KVH® production.
  • 2009
    Market launch of our own ante neo furniture line (indoor/outdoor)

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