KVH® - solid structural timber

In the ante-Group, KVH® (solid structural timber) is produced out of spruce, pine and Douglas fir using state-of-the-art systems. Thanks to its defined quality and dimensional stability, KVH® has become an indispensable material for modern wood construction. It is suitable for all modern wood construction applications. Thanks to our production and inventory management system with wireless data support, we can complete custom orders with a short lead time.

Careful kiln drying of free of heart squared timbers to a wood moisture content of 15 % (+/- 3 %) is the first step in the manufacturing process. This is the same moisture content as that expected for the planned use, so that significant shrinkage deformation due to air drying of the wood in the structure is precluded.

The dried squared timbers are sorted visually and by machine. Irregularities in the wood, such as large knots or waney edges, are marked and cut out. This sorting is performed primarily in order to achieve a defined quality according to DIN 4074/ EN 338 (sorting according to strength).

Then "fingers" are milled into the ends of the pieces - which are now all cut to different lengths - and then the pieces are glued together end-to-end under pressure. In this way, it is possible to efficiently produce standardized square timber in a broad range of sizes. The pieces are planed and chamfered after the glue has cured.

The advantages in comparison to conventional sawn softwood timber:

  • KVH® is subject to strict third-party and in-house monitoring by MPA Stuttgart and Holzforschung Austria in Vienna.
  • Reduced cracking and warping due to heart separation and drying of the wood.
  • Lower knot count due to automated sorting in accordance with German and European industry standards.
  • KVH® is planed and chamfered on all sides. 
Product description, KVH® (solid structural timber)
Manufacturing:according to DIN 1052-1
Finger joints:according to DIN 68140-1/EN 385
Grading:Automated strength grading according to DIN 4074/EN 338/S 10/C 24/C 24M
Wood types:Spruce, pine and Douglas fir
Gluing:Finger joints with PU glue. According to DIN 68141/EN 302, EN 301,
Type 1 weather-resistant according to grade level I and II
Surface:Planed 4 sides
Packaging:Bundle in light proof foil
Monitoring:MPA, Stuttgart (Germany), Holzforschung Austria, Vienna (Austria) and KOMO (Netherlands)

Manufacturing and technical properties

KVH® (solid structural timber) is made from softwood. ante uses spruce, pine and Douglas fir which is turned into rough timber on state-of-the-art sawlines. All of the resulting by-products such as bark, chips and shavings are used to produce energy.
After drying in fully automated, computer controlled drying kilns, the wood is sorted according to strength. Growth-induced defects which reduce the strength are cut out of the timbers. The resulting rough timber is connected at the ends with a force-fit so-called finger joint, producing sections of theoretically endless length.

After finger jointing (which depending on the length may not be necessary), the wood is cut to length and dimensioned.
Curing and storing of the product takes place in air-conditioned warehouses, so that the wood can be shipped dry and dimensionally accurate. All production steps are subject to permanent quality control (in-house monitoring and third-party monitoring by independent institutes).

Sorted according to strength visually or by machine, kiln dried and planed solid wood with defined dimensional accuracy.

Outstanding dimensional stability and dimensional accuracy, even with air drying post-construction.

Suitable for exterior wall sole plates due to classification as usage category 3.1

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