Natural heat with HD technology: ante pellets!

Buy our wood pellets directly online in bulk or by the bag. We ship pellets within NRW, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. You are also welcome to pick the pellets for your pellet stove up yourself.

HD pellets

ante supplies top-quality HD wood pellets from domestic, certified wood chips.

The raw material we use to produce our wood pellets is clean sawdust and wood shavings generated in the process of manufacturing ante wood products. This material, which is free from bark, is processed into high-quality HD® pellets directly and stored on site.

Thanks to the excellent location of the ante facilities in the middle of Germany, you can be assured of a fast and nationwide supply of pellets directly from the plant. 

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HD technology: The new quality standard for pellet production

The patented HD technology can do what was previously technically impossible: Dimensionally accurate wood pellets of uniform sizes for better combustion! Thanks to the ideal lengths of the pellet mix, the problematic content of short/broken pieces and dust is reduced by half. At the same time, the percentage of pellets which are optimal from a combustion aspect is increased by half.

HD quality wood pellets allow you to get the most out of your furnace!

When you burn conventional wood pellets, the inconsistency of the fuel is a major challenge for the control systems. The furnace constantly has to respond to disruptive variations and readjust the parameter settings. With its particularly high percentage of pellets within the ideal length range, the HD technology provides the key prerequisites required in order to actually achieve the highest possible efficiency in practice.

HD reduces your heating costs!

The ideal length distribution of HD pellets allows for optimal filling of the combustion chamber in your furnace. Since the fuel is uniform and contains a low percentage of short pellets, a fire bed with a uniform pore distribution is produced. The advantage: Higher air flow between the individual pellets. Combustion becomes more efficient and consumption drops. In this way, using HD pellets lets you reduce your heating costs.

HD pellets lower emissions!

Thanks to the improved combustion quality, emissions are reduced as well. Independent studies by various research institutes have shown that an excess number of short and broken pellets also has a significant effect on emissions: Comparison tests have shown that HD pellets have up to 37 % less carbon monoxide (CO) in the flue gas, due to the uniform size of the HD pellets.

Quality / certificates

As an ante customer, you can expect us to offer wood pellets which delivery economical, convenient and climate-neutral heat.

ante pellets are produced, tested and certified exclusively as standard pellets.

The high quality of ante pellets is verified by compliance with the ENplus standard (EN 14961-2) and CE certification of the plant.

Further information on the innovative HD technology is also available at

ante pellets are resource-conserving

In addition to the proverbial ante quality, the origin of the chips and the total distance over which the chips and wood pellets are transported are key to reducing the consumption of resources.

Good to know that the chips used to produce ante pellets are produced exclusively as a secondary product in our own sawmills. Thus ante pellets meet the requirements of cascade utilisation, which helps protect the climate. Not a single extra tree is felled to produce ante pellets!

In addition, all softwood processed in the ante plants is sourced from domestic forests which are managed sustainably.

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