BSH – Glued laminated timber

BSH (glued laminated timber) is an industrially manufactured product which consists of no less than three layers of spruce laminations which are glued together with the fibres running in parallel.

BSH is distinguished by extremely high dimensional stability, low crack formation, higher load capacity in comparison to conventional construction timber and high fire safety, among other things. Due to these positive attributes, glued laminated timber has been part of the ante product portfolio for over 20 years. ante BSH is available in sizes from 6 x 12 cm to 24 x 60 cm and lengths of up to 18 m.

The laminations are kiln dried to a wood moisture content of 10-12% and machine-sorted according to strength before being glued. Irregularities in the natural wood, such as large knots or discolouration, are cut out. The resulting individual laminations of different lengths are glued back together with finger joints. After the glue is applied to the flat side of every individual lamination, they are stacked and then pressed together with an RF press. The individual pieces are planed twice and chamfered after the glue has cured.

Glued laminated timber offers impressive advantages over solid wood. Among other things, glued laminated timber has a high strength, exact dimensional accuracy and high fire resistance.

Pre-fabricated ceiling elements from ante in all required sizes reduce the assembly work at the construction site to a minimum and make a significant contribution to reducing costs.

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