Sawn timber is the basic product produced from log wood through processing in the lumber mill. It can be used for many different things, green, dried, planed or as KVH® raw material or BSH laminations. At ante, we produce the appropriate product out of every log.

In the ante-Group, KVH® (solid structural timber) is produced out of spruce, pine and Douglas fir using state-of-the-art systems. Thanks to its defined quality and dimensional stability, KVH® has become an indispensable material for modern wood construction.

BSH (glued laminated timber) is an industrially manufactured product which consists of no less than three layers of spruce laminations which are glued together with the fibres running in parallel. BSH is distinguished by extremely high dimensional stability, low crack formation, higher load capacity in comparison to conventional construction timber and high fire safety, among other things.

Custom engineered framing with maximum efficiency for our customers.
ante uses the latest K2 and Speedcut machines from Hundegger in the two ante engineered framing centres in Bromskirchen-Somplar and Rottleberode. 

Something for the garden at any time of the year - this is how you could describe the ante home and garden product portfolio.
A comprehensive and flexible programme for designing outdoor spaces.

Your producer of HD quality wood pellets

Wood pellets by ante for your pellet stove. The pellets are manufactured from local wood chips, more optimally, with fewer emissions and more efficiently than wood pellets produced with conventional technology, thanks to the use of HD technology.

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