Wood purchasing

Our log purchasing process starts with conscientious planning. Regardless of whether mill gate, roadside or contract harvesting, preserving the natural resource wood and using it in a sustainable manner are our top priority. State of the art communication technology and equipment allow us to work in a targeted and effective manner.

Our processes are automated right from the start. Logs are sorted by wood type, length, diameter and quality. We normally harvest Spruce, Pine, Douglas fir and Larch.

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All native softwoods

From Spruce, Pine and Larch to Douglas fir and Fir

All native softwood species are processed to manufacture modern wood products.

We normally harvest spruce, pine, and larch. While Douglas fir and fir wood were still rare a few years ago, the percentage of these woods used in our production is increasing every year.

All grades

From B to C and D - we make optimal use of the raw material

ante has the capabilities required to process all wood quality levels and grades and to produce the optimal final products for the respective log quality. The extensive product range and worldwide marketing of the products is essential for this.

ante utilises almost 100% of the purchased softwood.

All sizes

From long to short, thick to thin

Not only does ante process all native softwood species in all quality grades, the company also has short timber, long timber and fence wood equipment. We use a special oversized line in Somplar to saw oversize butt logs with a diameter of up to one meter. This ensures that every harvested assortment can be processed.

We process all quality grades and sizes of softwood. In addition to the short timber, long timber and fence wood mixes, we also process oversize logs with a diameter of up to one metre.

Our employees are trained in sylviculture and forest management. They take over all aspects of wood harvesting for the woodlot owner. From felling to forwarding and hauling of the logs, we perform and guarantee reliable and responsible execution of the wood harvesting measures.

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