ante HD® pellets – the latest generation of premium fuel

ante chooses production using HD technology - investments set new standards

The wood pellet boom continues. 2014 once more saw many private homeowners in North Hesse make the choice for a wood pellet system. The pellet sales manager Jürgen Busch at ante is happy about this as well. He is responsible for marketing of the two production sites in central Germany, owned by the family-run ante Group. With over 850 employees at four locations, it is one of Europe's leading manufacturer of modern wood products. At an annual production volume of 120,000 tons, the pellets segment plays an important role in the company.

Investment programme completed - ante HD® pellets now since 6 months

The ongoing growth of the pellet industry was reason enough for the ante Group to undertake another large investment project before the start of this year's heating season. The focus was primarily on the requests and requirements of the fuel retail industry. By introducing the production of ante HD® pellets, we are currently only one of two manufacturers in Germany who have already implemented this advanced technology. German specialty retailers have been selling the ante HD® pellets in bulk and bagged with great success for 6 months now. The two locations in Bromskirchen (Hesse) and Rottleberode (Saxony-Anhalt) have extensive storage and loading capacities for both bulk and bagged pellets. The winter warehouses of both ante locations are fully stocked with HD-produced goods for specialist retailers.

2001 pellet pioneer

In 2001, the ante Group was one of the first to build on the success of wood pellets, which were still considered an exotic fuel at the time. As an oft-cited pellet pioneer, the Bromskirchen location was one of the first to build a large-scale pellet production plant in Germany.

Specialist retailers are the main link

After further successful investment at the company headquarters in Bromskirchen, production of wood pellets also began at the large lumber mill in Rottleberode in 2011 - another milestone. Sales to specialist retailers were restructured and expanded during launch of the second production site. The local specialist retailers are the main link in the supply chain from the ante plant to the customer.

Research and development are also essential

ante has focussed on the constant high quality of the fuel since the beginning. Thus the most important task of the sales managers isn't to send out quality certificates. Rather, they analyse feedback from the dealers and the entire value creation chain - from wood chips as a natural by-product of our own sawn timber manufacturing to production including warehousing and shipping logistics, down to the last kilogram of pellets in the hopper of the end customers.

The HD innovation is already firmly established at both locations

Development of the patented HD pressing technology was consistently followed from the beginning. After a successful test phase, both ante plants were already equipped with the length optimisation technology in May 2014.

Tangible benefits

In an interview with Pelletsmagazin, Jürgen Busch used a graph to describe the benefits of the new ante HD® pellets. The ideal length distribution of the ante HD® pellets allows for optimal utilisation of the fuel, because about 75 % of the ante HD® pellets have an ideal length. This results in a fire bed with a uniform pore distribution. The high air permeability between the individual pellets results in an improved flame intensity. Combustion becomes more efficient and pellet consumption drops.

ane-Pellets vergleich

ante HD® pellets – better quality and less carbon monoxide

The patented technology was installed in the pellet pressing area, Busch tells us. Busch explained that the endless strands of the press dies are now largely cut at the optimal length through the new process technology. The sales manager also emphasises studies by various research institutes, which have shown that too many short pellets and fragments have a significant effect on emissions and fuel consumption. In comparison tests, HD® pellets were shown to have up to a third less carbon monoxide (CO) in the flue gas, because the fragment and dust percentage of the HD® pellets is significantly lower than it is for standard EN plus pellets. One ton of HD® pellets only contains about 1.4 million pellets. According to Busch, standard product contains nearly 2.2 million wood pellets by comparison.

ante HD® pellets right on time for the start of the heating season

This and the demand forecasts analysed in advance with the specialist retailers were so convincing that ante immediately put the required technology into place. And as was already the case in 2001, ante is once again the talk of the town in 2014 as a pellet pioneer and is one of the first to be able to stock the shelves of the specialist retailers with the new product.

ante pellets in HD® quality

  • Optimal length mix through uniform length distribution of the ante HD® pellets
  • Better combustion through reduced short, fragment and dust content
  • Reduced emissions through optimised combustion
  • Maximum heat output
  • Shipped in bulk or as robot-palleted 6 mm bagged product
  • Certified quality: PEFC, DIN Plus and EN Plus A1 certified
  • Simple order processing
  • 24 hour shipping by agreement
  • Highly reliable supply due to processing of our own raw material
  • Option of delivery with our own specialised pellet trucks
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