ante-holz joins the BioEconomy Leuna Cluster of Excellence

As part of the BioEconomy cluster of excellence, ante and the Leuna chemical park support new concepts for sustainable provisioning and material processing of renewable raw materials.

Taking part in the BioEconomy cluster of excellence is another step towards a successful future for the ante Group, and a sign of confidence in the performance and industry competence of the medium-sized company with four production sites in Europe.

The BioEconomy Cluster of Excellence is a research association with the goal of advancing and ensuring the primary material utilisation of sawable and non-sawable raw timber assortments in central Germany.

Through a separate project, the ante Forstservice structural unit established for this purpose will play a leading role in coordinating the raw material provisioning logistics in cooperation with the wood industry partners.

ante Forstservice - headquartered in Rottleberode (Saxony-Anhalt) - will build on existing, close and longstanding partnerships with the sylviculture companies and forest owners, and further intensify these. The planned combination of experience and competency is the basis for a successful cooperation of all involved partners, now and in the future.

Together with the suppliers, ante Forstservice is developing a sustainable concept for improved and reliable provisioning of the raw material. Through intensive and coordinated efforts, the processes and procedures of the transport companies, sorting, processing and temporary storage of the required raw lumber quantities and assortments will be systematically analysed and optimised within the cluster of excellence.

This makes ante Forstservice an important link in the wood supply chain between the cluster of excellence and the woodlot owners, the wood processing companies in Rottleberode and the chemical companies in the cluster of excellence.

These comprehensive tasks will require additional personnel, a challenge for innovative and dedicated employees!

The inclusion and integration of the ante Group with its ante Forstservice as a partner in the BioEconomy Cluster of Excellence shows that innovative medium-sized businesses are in a position to take an active role in shaping the future of an industry in partnership with large global companies.

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