ante Group receives international certification

Bromskirchen. The ante Group in Bromskirchen is now one of the first in the industry to receive the international energy and environmental management certificates ISO 50001 and ISO 14001, for energy-conserving and environmentally friendly production processes in the wood industry.

"The ISO 50001 energy management system helps us to further reduce our own energy consumption and to achieve even better utilisation of the wood from the regional forests", Christian Pieper, plant manager at ante GmbH & Co. KG Rottleberode, said during presentation of the certificates by DEKRA. A lot of work was required at ante before the certificates where presented. Both the energy and environmental balance at the Bromskirchen and Rottleberode locations in all areas was reviewed and improved through targeted investments. "Successful completion of this project is the well-deserved reward for the work done over the past few months, and also improves our ability to compete", Christian Pieper adds. "The decision for external auditing according to the internationally recognised ISO 50001 and 14001 standards confirms the company's genuine dedication and long-term approach, two essential requirements in order to reach society's climate and environmental protection goals", DEKRA emphasised during presentation of the certificates. One of the current projects to reduce emissions is to optimise trucking of the wood. ante is involved in this project through the German Bio Economy Cluster of Excellence. CO2-optimised transport solutions are currently being developed in partnership with local forest wardens, wood trucking companies and a research institute.

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