Roof battens now only with CE label

The CE label has been mandatory for roof battens since January 2015!

The CE label has been mandatory for load-bearing structural timber since 2012. However, applying the CE label to roof battens wasn't possible to date, since the corresponding assignment of strength values was missing.

The CE label for roof battens is issued on the basis of the corresponding audit report by Holzforschung München from December 2014. Only those companies which, in addition to existing certification for load-bearing structural timber according to EN 14081, also submit this audit report within the framework of the existing audit by the certification agency, may use the CE label for roof battens.

What does this mean for you as a retailer or fabricator?

Roof battens are subject to certain requirements of the Berufsgenossenschaft der Bauwirtschaft (BGBau, German employers' liability insurance association for the construction industry), since the surface to which the battens are attached is considered a work surface for the period of installing the roof covering and must carry the so-called person load during installation.

Installation of roof battens which haven't been sorted according to strength and don't bear the CE label is expressly prohibited. As the user, you are fully liable and subject to damage claims at the latest during installation of non-conformant building products!

There are currently only a few timber mills in Germany with corresponding approval and declarations of performance from the testing institutes.

We have the answer

The ante Group has already been CE certified since 2010 and since January 2015 has been one of the few manufacturers in Germany which offers you the necessary legal security for a roof batten produced and marked with the CE label!

The ante sales team will be happy to help you with competent consulting and further questions.

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